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Darkwing Fans: A Darkwing Duck Fan Community
Comic Poll 
21st-Apr-2011 10:39 am
DW fandom gets dangerous
Since the comic has been out for close to a year now, I thought I'd put up a poll to see what fans here on LJ think about the series.

Poll #1732444 The Darkwing Duck Comics: Your Opinion

What do you think of Boom! Studios' Darkwing Duck comics so far?

They're awesome! I buy every issue!
Overall I like them, but there are some things about them that I don't like.
I liked them at first, but don't enjoy them any longer.
I thought they started poorly but have gotten better.
Meh. I like them enough to keep buying them, but they're nothing special.
I used to buy/read them, but don't any more.
I don't like them.
I haven't read them.
I'm not interested in them.
Other, explained in a comment.
21st-Apr-2011 02:52 pm (UTC)
Oh, i remember the days when the most we jokingly complained about was Bushroot looking like he had mange. Little did we know the horrors Brill would unleash.

then again, i'm overly biased and possibly made him out to be my worst enemy. Heh, everybody needs somebody to secretly plot against. muhahaha!

But in all seriousness...The comics used to excite me, now I just cross my fingers and hope that another villain won't meet a tragic end. The comics depress me, and yet i keep reading in hope that they would get better.
21st-Apr-2011 03:17 pm (UTC)
Total fangeek here XD
21st-Apr-2011 03:24 pm (UTC)
Somehow I managed to put up a poll where my Libra indecision left me stuck between two choices. I found it really hard to pick between "I liked them at first, but don't enjoy them any longer" and "Meh. I like them enough to keep buying them, but they're nothing special," so I went with the "Meh..." answer.

I've had some nitpicks in it from the start, but I've found myself less satisfied with it as time has gone on. Especially with the annual. "Toy With Me" made me toy with the idea of not buying any more of it, but two things saved that, one being that I liked the time turtle story, and the other that I like enough about the current arc to want to see how it ends.

There are good elements in the comic, but the stuff that bugs me... well, it really bugs me. However, I am still buying it, and there are some things in the current issues that I still like, aside from the art (which has been fantastic all along).
21st-Apr-2011 03:28 pm (UTC)
These are just my opinions, so I'd appreciate it if no one jumps down my throat because of what I write here.

I'm one of the "I liked them at first, but don't enjoy them any longer." My opinion of the comic has gone completely downhill, especially since the middle of the second arc. I just cannot stand the writing. I really don't think Ian Brill has a grasp on Darkwing Duck and, to reiterate what others have said, it just seems like bad fanfiction to me.

I enjoyed the first arch. The second was okay. The third? WTF? To me, it's like many a television series that starts out strong but gradually becomes worse and worse. Less enjoyable. I actually *dreaded* reading issue #11. I can't stand Steelbeak in it (no offense to the SB fans). And I can't stand Darkwing. I miss the funny, egotistical Darkwing but he seems to be acting like a gullible downer.

I do like the artwork, though. That is the only reason I keep buying them because I think Silvani's art is the only saving grace for some of Brill's writing,
21st-Apr-2011 04:14 pm (UTC)
I put "Overall, I like them, but there are some things about them I don't like." I wouldn't say that I liked them at first, but now I don't enjoy them any longer because there are still some things about the comic that I do enjoy. There's just a lot of stuff that's been bugging me about the comics lately.

The first arc I enjoyed, but I didn't quite like what happened between DW and LP. I thought the second arc was a little rushed and did away with the villains too easily but was otherwise enjoyable. The annual is where things started to turn sour for me, but there were still some things I liked about it. Such as the Mr. Banana Brain fight, the preview part of it, and Tad's story. The main thing I didn't like about the annual was the characterization. Quackerjack's characterization was just horrible, Claire didn't even have much of a character to characterize, and DW was acting slightly OOC.

Now, we've come to this arc, and I was enjoying it at first with minimal complaints up until the last couple of issues. DW is just giving off this OOC vibe. He just doesn't seem to be acting quite like himself. I think he's acting more like what Mr. Sparrow said about the Rescue Rangers... he's a pale reflection of himself. He lacks energy, on top of being too gullible and too easily giving in. I hope things get better. The worst thing that can happen right now with this arc is that Darkwing and Morgana break up. If that happens, I don't think I'll be reading anymore of the comic. I've resolved to create a fix fic for the comics if that happens.
21st-Apr-2011 08:29 pm (UTC)
Oh yes - I'm totally with you on making a fix for the comics - with my own if need be! :P
21st-Apr-2011 04:49 pm (UTC)
I went with liking them overall with a few flaws. I do think Darkwing's characterization is a little off compared with what it was in the show. Having said that, his "Gladly" response when Bulba asked him if he would die for his family is one of Darkwing's strongest moments in either the comic or the series IMO.

21st-Apr-2011 07:35 pm (UTC)
I think that people who liked the series for different reasons enjoy the comic for different reasons. Or, in some cases, don't enjoy the comic at all. The thing about being a writer is that you can try your best, but YOUR take on characterization and plots and what you choose to do with a story isn't going to please all of the fans all of the time. It's the risk all writers take when tackling something with pre-existing source material.

That said, I enjoy the comic. There are some things that bug me, sure, but overall I love reading it. The art is fantastic, and I feel they've left some things open for future issues that I would love to see explored. For instance, is every Gosalyn from every other dimension dead or missing? Is that her fate? And I want more with Bulba. Though, to be fair, I haven't read issue 11 yet.

The comic basically makes me happy to be a fan. I love checking out the backgrounds any time they enter a room, looking for fun little hidden jokes and nods to other Disney shows and movies.

The only thing that could make it any better, for me, is for Gizmoduck to ACTUALLY be in it! I have always loved the way he and Darkwing interact. They keep teasing me! >_< (Also, I can't stand Morgana, so I'm glad her cameos have been limited. But that's just me, and may be an unpopular opinion.)
21st-Apr-2011 08:30 pm (UTC)
I completely agree, and I feel your assessment of the comics versus the cartoon is fair. It *is* hard to be a writer, and you can't please everybody. However, Brill doesn't seem to take criticism or feedback from fans too well, and I think that's my major beef with him. *shrug*

Ditto on Morgana! ;D
21st-Apr-2011 08:46 pm (UTC)
Yay, someone agrees! XD I don't know anything about Brill so I guess I can't really have personal beef with him, lol! I totally forgot something I was going to say, and that is that I have no love for any of the series's villains, so I think it's a testament to good writing that the annual actually made me sympathetic toward Quackerjack.
27th-Apr-2011 11:02 am (UTC)
You don't like Morgana? Shock and horror!
21st-Apr-2011 08:26 pm (UTC)
I picked 'meh' I loved it when it started, now I just read it to see how bad brill gets before the train wreck comes to a full and cOmplete stop
23rd-Apr-2011 01:23 am (UTC)
You think Ian would care about what the fans are saying about his comic. These are not harsh criticisms, no one is dissing his writing abilities. Some had even complimented on his writing abilities. The major problem here is his failure to listen and appreciate constructive criticism. Yes, I do agree with the whole 'you can't please everybody' philosphy, but doesn't it matter more that the characters kept in character? Quackerjack's and Darkwing's characterization felt off in the annual. In my opinion, I feel that Bushroot should've been the one to snap, not Quackerjack. Why would Quackerjack get all 'edgy' and 'dark' after Negaduck insults Quackerjack? Negaduck is always dissing Quackerjack. He doesn't seem to care about what Negaduck thinks of him, why should he care now?

If it were Bushroot, then yes, he could've been the one to start flipping out. Bushroot is terrified of Negaduck. He also doesn't behave much like a villain. So, shouldn't he be the one in Quackerjack's position in the comics instead?

The new characters who are popping up aren't impressing me. Claire was barely a character and Femme, well, I liked her, but I know so little about her, so I can't judge her character as a whole, either.

I don't understand why Ian is ignoring all of the constructive criticism that people had been pointing out to him. Nobody is dissing his crediability as a writer. Everyone around here is being honest. I just wish he listened to constructive criticism instead of letting this become a tranwreck of OOCness.

I vote for 'men', the comics aren't special'. I like the artwork and I'm glad Darkwing Duck has been revive, but I think I will stick to the cartoon series, thanks.
25th-Apr-2011 08:54 pm (UTC)
I'm really on the fence between "Overall I like them, but" and "I liked them at first, but".

The reason being that I've been quite disappointed since the Crisis arc and don't even get me started on "Toy with Me" (only thing I like about that one is Sibsy's art, otherwise...), and I don't like where it looks like it's heading, as far as Ian Brill is concerned with writing it. However, I LOOOOOVE the 'FOWL' arc so far (though I haven't read the latest issue); so far, I think the Steelbeak and DW teamup is just excellent and the artwork, of course, is tops.

But as far as what Brill's done with the Fearsome Five... bleh. And I do NOT want to see a long-term breakup between Morg/DW, nor do I want to see him lose Gosalyn. I think if Brill ends up deciding Gos should die or something bad like that, that would be the death of the comic for me - at least as long as Ian Brill's writing it.

So, I really didn't know what to pick and ended up picking "Overall" (for now - I'm still very hopeful, but having quite a few doubts).
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