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Darkwing Fans: A Darkwing Duck Fan Community
New to the DW Live Journal Group 
21st-Apr-2011 07:31 pm
winx club
I'm a bit new to this site and to this group, so I am going to break the ice, as it is put :D

•When did you first get into the show?
When I was really, really little. It came on TV just by chance and I just love it, and I still do!

•Who are your favorite characters and/or pairings?
I am a Launchpad fangirl, so my favorite character is him, and Darkwing. My favorite pairings are Darkwing and Morgana.

•Who are your least favorite characters and/or pairings?
I really don't have a least favorite charater or pairing.

•What episode(s) do you like the most and least?
Twitting Channels, Heavy Mental, U.Foe, Darkly Dawns the Duck are my favorites!  My least, well...again I don't have one.

•Are you active in other sites or communities in the fandom (fan sites, Deviant Art, fanfiction.net, etc.) and if so, where?
I spend a lot of time over at negaverse.net, fanfiction.net and my fansite Darkwing Duck For Life. Gotta keep up with the news.

•Anything else you’d like to share about yourself?
Musicalyak is my username on fanfiction.net. On top of my fanfictions, I also run Winx 4 Life; a Winx Club fansite that I run with two of my best friends. As well as it's sister site; Darkwing Duck For Life. Oh, and feel free to call me Ella, everyone does.


23rd-Apr-2011 12:35 am (UTC)
Welcome to the group! Great choice in favorite character with LP. He's my favorite good guy on the show.
25th-Apr-2011 09:43 pm (UTC)
Thanks Cheezey, Bushroot is my fav bad guy in the show.
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